Sunday, July 10, 2011

20110710 Waiting

For the longest time, I thought I have patience in waiting.

Then I've come to a conclusion that, not really. I wait for restaurant because I have finally gotten a parking spot, and I am not going to leave to find another one. I wait in line to check out my groceries at the cashier quietly thinking this line would be shorter than others; na, it always turns out to be the one has problem with register etc, of course the longest wait. I wait in traffic politely, because I am hoping I can merge in the line right after the car before me passes through. The expectations from waiting make the mind battling, in some cases heart aching.

So I have decided not to torture my soul anymore, either I don’t wait or wait without expectation. Like being on the mat during the practice, not waiting for what’s the next pose, but rather be present and enjoy the moment or the flow. - WHY


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