Sunday, July 10, 2011

20110710 Waiting

For the longest time, I thought I have patience in waiting.

Then I've come to a conclusion that, not really. I wait for restaurant because I have finally gotten a parking spot, and I am not going to leave to find another one. I wait in line to check out my groceries at the cashier quietly thinking this line would be shorter than others; na, it always turns out to be the one has problem with register etc, of course the longest wait. I wait in traffic politely, because I am hoping I can merge in the line right after the car before me passes through. The expectations from waiting make the mind battling, in some cases heart aching.

So I have decided not to torture my soul anymore, either I don’t wait or wait without expectation. Like being on the mat during the practice, not waiting for what’s the next pose, but rather be present and enjoy the moment or the flow. - WHY

Friday, April 15, 2011

20110415 - What has Illuminated my Teaching?

I have chosen the phrase from Light on Life by B.K.S. Iyengar, page 18 “… the path toward spirit lies entirely in the domain of nature.” It supports the philosophy that has been passing down to me, generation after generation through seven thousands of year.

Like B.K.S. Iyengar further explains, “Spirituality is not ethereal and outside nature but accessible and palpable in our very own bodies. Indeed the very idea of a spiritual path is a misnomer.” How can we move toward something that is already by definition everywhere?

In I Ching or Book of Changes, Yin and Yang “is” the ultimate gene for everything in the universe. Universe, the Tai Chi, Tai is Chinese character big with a small dot, meaning, something can either be significant as no external boundary (endless) or insignificant as no internal boundary (endless). Things that can and can’t been seen, the known and unknown.

Universe is Nature. We born from it and will return back to it. There was never a true death as “the gene” has been continuously passing on in an endless succession. Each matters in this universe are here for several roles, but each role are with two responsibilities that are inseparable as body and shadow: to assist (Yin) and to lead(Yang). Yoga practice is a tool to cleanse our body, mind and soul, which enable us see through the truth that we are indeed already in the divinity.

Our role as a teacher as the light, to assist and lead, the light bulb must be polished continuously to allow the light to shine through for Self and the others.

Today's pick, Clarity from 7elements and Yurong from Imperial.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

20110413 - Life Cycle

I have been changing my plans, and I've finally decided the following plan for this Sunday.
Spring is birth and rebirth, both prograssions need lots of energy. Nature wakes Spring from Winter, the awakening process has to start with the right time, right direction and right pace to ensure healthy growth to complete the life cycle.

In Ayurveda Theory, spring is Kapha Dosha. The primary element for Kapha is water then is earth. These two are presenting property of wetness and cold. Chinese believe everything has Yin and Yang, another words, nothing is forever positive and forever negative, because it all depends on several factors including time.

Since I am preparing this theme for the next practice teach and I will be the first one up; my designated starting time will be on or after11am. This is the time to be considered as Pitta Dosha, which primary element is fire. Between 11-1pm is one of two periods our internal body is fully activated with transformations according to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).

I would like to adopt the advantage from one of the most energized time periods for human body, converting the wet and cold elements from Kapha season into healthy growth energy. Therefore, the next PT is the most appropriate time to practice a representation of life cycle.

Practicing changes from sleeping state/savasana into awakening state/warm-ups including setu bandasana, matsyasana & adho mukka svanasana (birth), next into the blooming state/full expression of virabhadrasana I & ardha namaskar parsvakonasana (growth), then deceleration state /janu sirsasana & pashimotanasana(decaying), and finally deep into sleeping state /savasana(death); meditation with the awareness that this cycle continues.

Meditation: Imaging from a seed, grow into a shrub, tree or blooming into a flower, gradually fading away preparing for the winter, finally surrender to earth ; next life cycle continues.

Today is Clarity.


Monday, April 4, 2011

20110404 - To Unite

Yoga means to unite, so what do we unite?  The nature and selves. At the personal level, unite body, mind and soul.  I am going to wirte in universal manner rather than from personal level perspective today.

Dosha, new Sanskrit I learned last Saturday. A dosha is one of three bodily humors that make up one's constitution according to ayurvedic medicine, it is a system of traditional medicine native to India. It is fascinating coming from my background as Chinese finding the similarities among the old intelligence.

The traditional wisdom from our accentors pass on to us generation after generation has always amazed me. For example, The “Shennong Ben Cao Jing”, which was the first written Chinese volume on agriculture and medicinal plants. It was compiled in 2800BC and contained 365 entries on herbal medicines. Licorice was listed as a top herb, and was commonly used to balance a variety of herbal medicine formulas. WU created licorice + frankincense in our Imperial Collection, this is one of my favorites, really fine for babies.

My point is, the similarity among the old intelligence was: we are connected to NATURE, nature is indeed within us. Our health conditions are completely related to the change of the season and moving of the time. (I have prepared my theme base on this for my next class. ) We used to be so close to nature and our ancestors knew very well of the connection between nature and human, for some reason the connection has begun to break over time. I like to remind ourselves that we are only handful of soil from nature with human soul – if that make sense.

A “common” sense that we all know as child, I did it because my grandma said so. Not knowing why I did, I did it. That is, to sleep around by 9pm if can’t 10pm “every night”, then wake up between 5-7am. It seems to be an easy task, but it really isn’t for the modern lifestyle. Now is 10:05pm and I am still in front of the computer. I am going to explain quickly as to why we have to sleep by 9pm base on Chinese Medicine:

In nature, except nocturnal creatures and special time zones(even in these time zones, all livings will adjust to the environment according to the Yin & Yang), all living creatures rest by sun set, which is 9pm. *The Arm Shao Yang Triple Burner Meridian (sanjiao) circulation starts at this time, sending chi or prana through hundreds of arteries and veins as self-restoration. Next, gallbladder and liver meridian circulation start to open up from 11pm – 3am and during the same period restoration begins for both organs. Gallbladder takes care of the immunity, central nerve system, & metabolism. Liver manipulates the success of repair for the spleen/stomach, lungs, and kidney.

This is just a simplified version and a tiny part from the ancient knowledge that we all benefited from time after time. When and how to sleep is the basic of our traditional regimen in maintaining good physical and mental health. And again, it is connected to sun rise and sun set, the nature. It gets really complicated, so I will stop for tonight.


*The line starts from outside the ring finger-tip end and up along the back of the hand, passing wrist, arm and shoulder. Then from shoulders, there are divided into two branches. One branch enters the body in the chest, after pericardial diaphragm, it connects to upper, middle, and lower sanjiao. Another branch goes up through the line to the lateral side of the neck, bypassing the ears and face, finally reach outside the eyebrow, and gallbladder meridian.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

20110403 - Aged Relationship should be just like Aged Wine

I am really tired.

I don’t want to go to sleep just yet.

Time hasn’t been generous to me but surely it is fair to all us. I can only grab so much, twenty four hours per day like you and the others.

Today is the day to hold the space for my tears to roll out free. It is such wonderful day though, beautiful and warm.

May be because of the warmth, I feel that it is safe to held such liberty for myself.


I want to ink my thanks to a very special woman who I met during my yoga teacher training. She may not know how powerful her small words in a short e-mail few days ago had enriched my wealth in love and compassion. It got me thinking more in my personal life though. Will I do the same for people I have known all my life, like family members, partners, spouses, old friends etc? Or taking advantage on the length of relationship naturally, as it deemed to be the norm?

When relationship become “aged”, it is time to refer the relationship as wine to increase the value of appreciation. Of course good wine doesn’t happen overnight, the proper care needs to be applied starting from planting the seed of the grapes. It is always easier to say sorry, thank you and how are you to a stranger than to parents, children, and the people we are close with. Never too late to increase the value of appreciation in “aged” relationship, letting it sit will never get better, eventually it will become vinegar.

p.s. It is day for Clarity.

Monday, March 28, 2011

20110328 - Do One Thing Every Day that Scares You.,0,4054576.column?page=1
This link was brought up couple nights ago. I remember the song but not remembering where I have heard it originally.

It was brought up again couple nights ago, because the words were like mirror reflecting many of our past, present, and “possible” future (if we haven't learned from the past and have not been mindful of the present.)

I had urge after yoga class this morning to do one thing that scares me. Go with my own feelings, be authentic.

I believe Yoga is a lifestyle and doesn’t have to be so complicated and wrapped up in philosophy. Most importantly is to do yoga in real life, not only on the mat. Smile, is the perfect example - yoga off the mat. I guess I understand why people make everything seem so hard to understand and so difficult to learn. However, the real happiness should be simple. Simplicity is hard. Especially when that means to walk down from the highest peak of one’s pyramid to follow the path through the desert finding the oasis.

I have gone to the point where I am not going to be bothered with people who cannot connect with me. There are billions of people in this world need to be inspired from the good, and they too can be just inspiring to others in return.

Face Book has column where point out “people who inspire you”. I wrote “everybody I see and meet”.  Did not work.  Then I tried “everybody” and still did not work. This is a message saying how narrow minded our society is accustomed to be. My entire class yesterday was inspired by a gecko that was nailed to the wall, of course, I would not have shared the story if it did not inspire me first.  (The story was also posted last night.)

Yes, it was A g-e-c-k-o, NOT a human.

Today’s quote to share:
“If we are mindful, the truth is near us; otherwise, the truth is distant.” - Jing Si Aphorisms

Remember, yoga is to unite oneself and the nature, therefore, the inspiration(s) is within the reach including one’s inner self.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

20110327 - The Gecko Story

I read a story last week that stayed in my mind for days. I used this story today to tight in with my theme this afternoon and now I am writing it down to share with you now.
A Japanese construction worker opened a wall during house renovation, he found a gecko was nailed in the walls, between the wood-boards. He discovered the nail had to be at least 10 years old. Now he had begun to wonder not understanding how this gecko could have survived without source of food. He waited. Time passed by, another gecko came by with food in its mouth feeding the gecko that’s nailed to the wall.

I like to think, we are all here together to take the test that we failed from our past life, therefore, life is always deemed to be difficult. Even a tiny puny gecko cherished its live. Why don’t we? We should only be so happy that we are still alive and have the chance to turn the difficulties to blissful learning experience. If not, universe will never noticed our existence. The gecko called out, so universe answered him by sending second gecko to feed him.

10 years! Don't overlook the compassion from the other gecko, it is just as powerful. Can you do that for someone you love? Even to someone you love is hard, not to mention it may have been a stranger. That alone is vigorous. Two great energies joined for 10 years, universe had decided the test has now done its purpose, therefore the construction worker was sent to set both of them free...

Everyone was curious from my class what happened to the gecko that was nailed to the wall. I am pleased to concluded the story as follow:

Two geckos ran to green carpet in the garden. It was bright and the nailed gecko could not open his eyes. Instead, he started feeling the breeze waving through the grass then his skin; smelling the fresh scents from the new blooms; hearing the birds chirping; tasting morning dews on the grass that had been dripping down from leaves above; finally he was able to open his eyes. With all his senses became awake, he too became enlightened. The nailed gecko realized that he had been surrounded by the divine all along, not far, just a “board” away.

We are too not far away from the divine, all the illusions are blocking our senses to be awaken. Celebrate our existence in this world, allowing the senses to open by feeling your body from your heart, not from your mind that sends the commend of how to feel.

“Clarity” that is for today.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

20110324 - Moving On

WU Imperial Collection


WU 7elementTM Collection
It's been a week of discussion on fearless during the classes.  No fear, just move on.  Do what make you shine and happy, that's what this world needs - more people to be alive.

I am really happy that WU Handcrafted Soaps Collections are now selling at hOMeYogaExperience. I have been working on branding for months including planning, marketing and all. I have done more photo shoot this afternoon. I haven’t have time to edit them yet, but here are some of the new photos. I am gather more new materials to renovate my current website.  No excuse, but this is my training weekend; plus I still have to return my students' homework from last week even though I will be absent this Sunday due to the training.

Happiness, indeed, that’s what I am having (and need) today!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

20110323 - Be the Farmer

Mineral Hot Spring from Imperial Collection

Third day into Spring and it's snowing out there.

I took the pictures of flower buds from forsythia and cherry tree yesterday and posted in blog to share. If not because of them, the snow might have tricked the season to be winter.

Where I am is filled with classical jazz melody, mild and calming. Turning to the left, I can see through the window flakes of snow gently coming down to nurse Viburnum sprouts. Spring is filled with great energy from new births and rebirths. It is magical season to be fully stimulated and filled with power of lives.

With the power of the universe energy received in Spring, may we all “Be a spiritual farmer who cultivates fields of blessings for oneself and others.” - Jing Si Aphorisms

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

20110322 - Spring Diet

First day of Spring, snowed.
Second day of Spring, cloudy in the morning and sun shines in the afternoon.
Third day of Spring, is forecasted to have 4-8 inches of snow.

Spring is being described as step-mother in Taiwanese folks poem for four seasons. Traditionally, the step mothers have been giving a bad impression, who is moody and can be crude. Even in western fairy tales, Snow-white, Cinderella etc, you can name few more are deemed with the same characteristic.

The message from the poem is to remind the unpredictable temperature changes in Spring. Chinese are well known to health care through diet, including herbs, vegetables, fruits, and many other variety of natural food ingredients. Part of the diet includes what type of food to eat in each season, some even narrowed down to the time of day to intake with specific food. This is not a short subject to discuss, luckily, here is the short and simple version to share.
Weeping Cherry/櫻花

Liver signals trouble through stroke, high blood pressure, vertigo etc, which often happens in Spring. Now is the time to take care liver. Food for care, Food with natural GREEN color, any green vegetables including green beans are all good. This doesn’t mean to avoid other natural color food, it only means to ensure each meal includes GREEN.
Candy Rose/糖果玫瑰
One last thing to remind you all, regardless how warm during the day, always, bring one light jacket or shawl with you or in the car. Few places of the body must be kept warm, feet (hands will be warm when feet are), head (dry the hair before leaving the house), clavicle and scapular regions.

As green is the theme today, I have chosen compassion from 7element and Ai from Imperial Collection.

Happy Spring!

Ai from WU Imperial Collection

Monday, March 21, 2011

20110321 - First Day of Spring with Spring Snow

I missed my blog.

I have meant to write for the past few but long days. Amber has been having fever since Friday and finally gotten better this afternoon. She was such good girl, finished her homework. I mean everything.

What do I like to talk about? I like to talk about my dumplings that I make from scratch for last Saturday’s yoga party. Veggie and original, both from WU’s exclusive recipes. Actually, there is not one consistent recipe I use, I go by what’s available at that moment or season and how I feel that day. You can follow my face book to enjoy the dumpling… photos. :)

That is not what I really want to talk about, it’s just to show off my other role in this life, a cook.

What I really want to talk about is today - first day of spring. Gratefully, we receive the best gift from mother nature, spring snow. In our tradition, having snow in spring will bring wealth for the entire year. As you might have known me by now, the wealth is not about the $$$. It is about, clarity, compassion, determination, energy, equilibrium, happiness, and harmony. Because these are the priceless true wealth that we can share and feel richer!

Life is wonderful indeed. The bufflehead duck couples came back after snow stopped. They still don’t talk to each other, but they stick together here and there. Life is wonderful, because there are messages everywhere for us to notice, like a mirror that reflects what we need to see.

We don't like each other, but we can't live without one another.

So enjoy the reflection with humor and smile.

Today, I have chosen soap of determination.  Determination to attain enlightenment.


Friday, March 18, 2011

20110318 - Be Present to Take On the Unexpected

It is a wonderful day!!!

Sunny and warm. Today is the second time in 2011 Max is able to get closer to the nature. Not that Max is far from it, but it is just very nice to see the excitement of just being able to walk around on the patio walkway. Max is still too small to leave outside by itself. As you can see form the video, Max appears to be insignificant on the entrance flight of patio stairway. 

Amber has fever today up to 103; good news is, it’s coming down. She has been sleeping since 9:30pm. It’s funny how I miss Amber even when she is in the house with me. I have to go to school to pick up Amber’s homework, normally the homework on Friday is pretty routine, but of course, why makes it easy for me.  My mom hurt her left elbow and can’t lift up so I am sharing her tasks.  I have to prepare dumplings for tomorrow's party, from scratch. With all that, I am choosing equilibrium today to hold my steadiness in mist of unexpected events.

Be present!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

20110316 - It's been a long time, where are your tears?

Why do we cry?

Crying is an art, when to cry, how long it should last, how much to cry etc. Did not think crying is that complicated before.  My rule of thumb is to shed tears quietly when people around if I must cry, unless I trust the people or person I am with as if I were alone by myself. When I am by myself, I can let out all the emotions that triggers tear drops.

Crying is not a weakness, it is not completely negative as it deems, it is an rapid and/or explosive breathing exercise that bring out all the carbon-dioxide (or toxic feelings) from within.

Crying allows the intake of the oxygen.

We cry as soon as we come to this world. I remember when I was a little girl, I saw a clip from movie, as soon as the baby was delivered the mid-wife spanks the baby’s buttock until it cries. I ask the adult I was with why was that for, and I was told crying ensures the baby will breathe and spanking is most effective method. The scene from the movie was of course taken place hundreds years ago.

I used to think crying is being feeble, thus I rarely cry. Then I learned to cry the hard way, after a major event took place in my life - a very painful lesson to learn that it is okay to human. Knowing when to cry, how long it should last, how much to cry etc, it is indeed an art. Crying to the point of depression, that’s being brutal to ourselves (mind, soul and body). Remember, crying is only an rapid and/or explosive breathing exercise that cleans out all the carbon-dioxide (or toxic feelings) from within, and allows the intake of the oxygen (or positive energy) flow smoothly within.

If you are a human, then crying with compassion to yourself is a must.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

20110315 - Spring Notes...

He tried to impress her... and of course... she is sleeping...
(They were here as early as 6:30am and did not leave close to evening. They were like this for at least 3 hours)
I know what you are thinking, "NO" it's not one of the YOGA poses!

He thought to himself, "it's already been 7 years!"
Winter has started to fade out, and Spring is fading in. Snow and ice are finally melted away as of last week. Our pond is now open for all creatures taking their first drink after winter thirst. I’d chosen soap of “Happiness”, simple reason, because to be awaken and enjoy the rebirth or new birth are more than delightful.

This morning, we have group of wild turkeys came to greet, literally peaking our French doors(I still can’t figure out which tree they fly up onto nest); one pair of Bufflehead returned as they always did, one year, they laid eggs in the shade garden next to the pond; squirrels are the regulars here; chipmunks has home next to the water fall under a huge rock; groundhog and her baby lives under the lawn but still close enough to the pond; birds are nesting everywhere around the house on the trees, by the roof, and some even on top of the chimney; Max came out to take sun bath for a while, not enough heat went back to sleep after half hour; we did not see the hare family, perhaps they are still waiting for Easter! Very busy morning in deed, and it is like this EVERYDAY. Our pond fish had made through the winter, but our Koi, not so fortunate. Not because the brutal winter or depth of the pond (it’s 5 feet, plenty for koi to hibernate), it’s because the Great Blue Heron gobbles them down as soon as the ice melted away. It has become greedier and bigger since first visit. I witnessed the victims of the Great Blue Heron this morning, and I could not do anything. It was too late.

The wild turkeys, in case you never have seen one before...

So many lives, so much energy, the animals did not care if Mr. Sun was peeking in and out, as long as the Lady Spring is here. A very happy morning in this tiny spot of the earth. What happened in Japan still remains in my mind and many others’ whom live around here, but reside in blue isn’t going to help the disaster. Even it were going to be the end of the world today, remember the losses in Japan, we all had at least 4 extra days to enjoy this life journey with our love ones. Smile, the life isn’t that hard as we thought!


Friday, March 11, 2011

20110311 - Ask the Right Question

I felt pretty blue this morning... didn't know why, just did. Then I heard the news in regard to the 8.9 earthquake and the tsunami in Japan. Few hours later, New Jersey was covered with sun shine.
Day went on as it normally does, like nothing happened.

What does really matter in our life? What really matters, is the present, the moment, the second, NOW. Presuming if we was one of the victims in Japan, what would we be thinking about at that moment? Then, may be that is what we need to do now. A phone call to someone you haven’t talk in a long time, like, parents? A sorry to someone you have always thought you should, like, your kids? A thank to someone you have meant to say but too proud to express, like, your spouse?

I have been telling myself whenever I am about to lose my poise with someone, think either I or the other person would forever vanished from this world tomorrow, would I still be livid towards the person? If yes, please stay away from that person, for our own insanity. If not, please don’t waste the energy to be aggravated with other people’s ignorance; the energy can be spend on other healthier interest, like the shower and yoga.  :)

Smile and enjoy Friday night in or out ~


Thursday, March 10, 2011

20110310 - Be the Water

First night Max became part of the family...

This evening after dined "around the table" with us, Max is 100% vegi...

First month with us; Max slept at 8pm everynight and woke up 8am in the morning for about 6 months...
 I don't know why I like Sulcata tortoise so much! My first contact with this species was about three years ago in an exotic pet shop. They had one about 18 months years old and one that was over 20 years about two feet long(not for sale). I fell in love with these two and went back to see them N times, but never made a decision to bring the little one home. I did not know enough of the Sulcata tortoise, so I was being very careful in making decision to have one. I studied articles, searched web sites, talked about it all the time. Eventually I got one. My baby Max is soon to be two in May. Arrived as my birthday gift a year and 8 months ago. As time goes by, I love Max more and more, day after day. Max has magic power that makes me to smile any day, any time including my really bad days.  The gaze, I thought, was the biggest reason I fell in love with Max’s distant family at first place. Their gaze were very soft and gentle, almost compassionate. I could never forget the look, still up to day, touches me through Max. Everyday Max is present with me in my heart, quietly reminding me to be light and peaceful, to let go the armors that I would deem protecting me.

Chinese believe softness is the ultimate strength. Water can cut through swords, but swords can’t slice water. We have to be like water when we deal with obstacles and people in life. Don’t be mistaken water’s yielding nature as weakness, water always unite back and form greater force. Water can carry the boats, at the same time, it can submerge the entire city.


20110309 - Slow or Stand still?

Nothing is easy...

We were shooting a scene with three lines, NG may be 20 times, that’s about how many times I walked up and down 6 stair cases, before we finally get it right. I thought my calves were hurting from yoga, as I am writing down this event I soon realize, it wasn’t the yoga, it was the walking up and down the stairs.

The point is I finally started the project I have longed to do it for quite sometime. Don’t know when it’s going to be done, so I am going to stop right here and not telling what am I working on. Follow me to find out about the project. I will update as project progresses.

Life journey can move on with slow pace, eventually will reach the destination; however, standing still will not. Believe in yourself and follow your heart. How bad can it be? Start all over again? We should be only so grateful to receive another chance all over again!

I picked Yurong from Imperial collection which has characteristic of Clarity, this is formula adopted from China’s last empress, Empress Dowager Cixi. Today, I feel like to be pampered like a loyalty.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

20110308 - Imperfection

My daughter has grown into a bright and delightful young lady. Self acceptance (which include self-respect and self-worthiness), is the foremost important lesson I taught Amber. I wish she does not take the same years I took to learn self acceptance, which was 32 years. It is funny how kids realize the physical differences among themselves from such young age. I remember Amber came back from kindergarten one day and said, “My classmates do not like me, because I am Chinese.” You should have seem her face when she told me, and the face of the teacher when I told her. How many times, the teacher had to explain to me there was absolutely no discrimination in the class and how Amber was well loved by her little friends. Of course I knew there was no discrimination. Amber is one of those children that people fall in love at first sight. However, I had to go through the “proper” procedure to deal with the “issue”, so Amber could understand it is a very serious matter and can NOT be used for selfish reason. As I alleged and later confirmed by Amber, for some reason that particular day, Amber felt her little friends ignored her intentionally, therefore, she came up the idea of discrimination. Human nature, never question perhaps there is something self did wrong or accepting people to be people, but rather make claim on illusions to either make ourselves a hero or a victim.

Last Friday I went to Amber’s Class to read “The Secret Life of Princesses”, a great book to remind children (boys and girls) about self acceptance and respect other’s individuality. No matter where, how, what we come from, poor or rich, small or big, healthy or ill, we are already a prince or princess within. Yet, at the same time, take notice of other princes and princesses that are around us, they too need acceptance to their-Self. On the other note, the reading was successful, it grabbed all hearts in the room including the teachers.

Imperfections are distinctions among each individuality; it is also indeed a qualification to be classified as human.  :)


20110307 - WU[woo、]=悟=awakening/enlightenment

I can’t help not to mention my soap special for the day. My friends call me “the soap lady”, and I am known the same by many other acquaintances. It is part of my life and it is extension of what I believe; I have infused my life philosophy in my band “WU”.

I had chosen a very difficult transformation to my life three plus years ago. I knew the only way to be true to myself is to continue the journey on this new path of my choice without retreat. The new trail has been very bumpy and steep. I don’t know when I can see the field of sun flowers or ever will I, but I have not forgotten to enjoy the wild flowers along the way. I also remind myself to learn from each obstacles that are in the way. Some of which, have helped me to gain more strength, some have reinforced my determination, some have widen my vision to look into truth, and many more. I have become compassionate to the obstructions. Why wouldn’t I? I am the one benefited from every impediment events. Each occurrence helps me to reach closer to WU. Awakening or enlightenment is the definition of 悟(WU) in Chinese.

As I was getting ready for the arbitration this morning, I’ve also picked the compassion as soap for the day. I was swarming with compassion inside and out. I’ve never forgotten to thank the person who debilitated me, which brought out bravery in me to seek deeper for my-Self to gain strength to be true.

Compassion is one of the elements to enlightenment. May we all be compassion to our-Self, and be compassion to those have brought sorrow in our life.


20110306 - Giving is Receiving

Energy, that was the soap I picked for the morning.

Every Sunday I need extra energy to get through the day. I teach four hours (three hours in Chinese and one hour kids’ yoga) and offer extra hour(s) for parents and students who need additional help. I normally have to spend average 10 hours a week to prepare for these two classes. People ask why don’t I teach elsewhere where pays for the hours instead of volunteering my time and energy. The unconditional love is what drawing me into the teaching. We often time look into only how much we give, not knowing giving allows us to have more freedom to receive.

I taught my daughter when she was three, when she has two hands full of candies, she can’t possibly hold a cone of ice-scream. So, what should she do? Share the candies with others, then she can have a cone of ice-scream.

Giving is receiving.

May we all gain strength to be vigorous in giving and learn to be grateful in receiving.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

20110305 - Successful Women (or men)

I sank into the couch last night and couldn’t get up until this morning. I remember lots of good-nights and kisses. I remember, Amber placed a second blanket on me when she learned there is no way mommy is getting up from that sofa. I also remember last night for the first time, Amber massaged my back and arms until I told her to stop without asking for a massage in return.
This morning, I was thinking, this is what a successful woman’s life should be. I picked soap of equilibrium.

Society has a very different description for “successful women”. I was considered as one of them many years ago. I had a life every girl would dream and die for, thus it was deemed to be perfect.

Not I.

I wasn’t with Amber when she first shout out “mommy”; I wasn’t there when Amber stepped forward for the very first time. These moments will never come back, even if I were able experiencing with other children, it will never be the same. These absents are the voids in my life and come back to wound my heart ever so often. Very strangely, indeed, the pain from such emptiness is more severe than the labor itself.  The hollowness can never be filled with wealth of possession in articles.

I believe a true value of life isn’t assessed by computable earnings because it is priceless. One can work for wealth, but wealth can't buy true value of life. I am not wealthy in general society’s term, but I am absolutely wealthier in love, compassion and wisdom. These wealth encourage a balanced livelihood to live for work not work for living.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

20110303 - Just Am...

Today is a happy day and I picked soap of harmony this morning.

Don't know why, but I feel harmony within my body, mind and soul, very peaceful, and nothing mattered.

May be the night yoga I did. May be I finally saw the friend I missed very much today. May be Amber’s kisses and hugs are contagious. May be my mother is in great spirit. May be my students' acceptance of encouragement from yesterday. May be… I don’t have specific reason.

I have been sleeping in cold for three nights; the heater did not work properly. But I am still happy, cold but happy. Don’t know why, just do. I don’t have to have reason to be happy, but I am sure there is something trigger the sensation. The point is not to question why, but feel it with gratitude and awareness. It’s meditation in motion. If not, why do I feel such harmony?

The heater is fixed. I am not happier; I just am content with sense of harmony.

“A heart of joy is a virtue that brings happiness to others like a spring breeze.” – Jing Si Aphorism


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

20110303 - Night Yoga

It is easy to reflect on major mistakes, and hard to eliminate small bad habits.  Before falling into sleep, take the advantage of the power of mind to reexamine the day.  After this is done, with one deep exhalation, let everything go, and reset a positive intention for the new day soon to come.

I never would have thought to do my sadhana before sleep.  My!  It was delicious!!!  I can't wait to share.  I love the sequence I planned.  My muscles are awaken, but not engaged or fully charged up, they are awaken enough to receive complete relaxation.  A great spiritual cleansing, and of course combine with external cleansing with WU compassion to end the day with what I started in the morning.  Oh, I almost forgot, the massage oil from my collections I used in the sequence – yes, I made that too.  :)

Good night! xo


20110302 - the Sun and the Moon

What would you appreciate the most, the light of the moon or the light of the sun?

A wise man said, of course the moon, because it spares the light in the dark so we can see at night.

Do you agree?

A girl ran away from her home after an argument with her mother. It was dark and cold. She was starving. All of sudden she smelled food, it was a noodle shop. She looked through the window for so long, as if the aroma could overcome her hunger. It did not. It made her more eager for food. The owner of the noodle house came out and asked if she would like to come in for a bowl of noodle, she said she wants to, but she turned her pockets inside out, she had no money with her. The man offered her a free bowl of noodle. The girl was very grateful and said in tears, “I don’t know how to repay you for your generosity!” The man was stunned for a moment and replied, “I only cooked one bowl of noodle for you, but I can’t imagine the number of meals your mother has prepared for you!”

The girl realized how awful she had been to her mother, she ran back to her house.

The girl’s mother took her hands and pull her into the house with tears she said, “Where have you been? I was so worry that you’d been hungry and cold.”

The wise man was wrong.

The fact is we all make the same mistake and judgment as the wise man.

We are the sun that has been ignored – perhaps because we refuse to receive the gratitude that we don’t think we deserve, or think being a giver is more honorable than a receiver?

We have also ignored the sun – perhaps because we receive regularly and made belief to be giver’s obligations?

We all know to give, but receiving is just as important to live full and meaningful.

I went to take Ben’s class this morning with this theme in my mind. Then Ben mentioned Cheryl, who passed away last week, had no fear in death. I don’t know Cheryl. The tears of joy came down to honor Cheryl’s graciousness - she lived fully thus death has no effect to her bliss.

I picked soap of comappassion this morning when I woke up to remind myself, while having compassion for others, it is just as important to have compassoin for ourselves.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

20110301b - Be the Otter Mom - when taking the seat as teacher

I just finished my practice inspired by my theme of the day – determination. Then I received a video from my uncle showing how a mother otter teaches her pup to swim. It reminds me as yoga teacher, how important is our role to the students, like mother otter who is determinate to be passionate and loving to teach her pup(s) to become next great swimming coach.

One of my teachers once said, a true master “creates” more masters. I like to replace creates with inspires and encourages and add become true before the masters.  I am not an English major, but, this is what I believe.

A true master inspires and encourages more become true masters. W.H.Y

If this video violates the copyright, please contact me immediate to remove from this blog.  Thank you. 

20110301 - Determination

As soon as I sent out the invitation letter to view my blog, I started to worry. This morning was even worse. I woke up with so many WHAT IFs. This happens to me all the time. I am very confident at one moment, shortly after I execute my decision I start to find things to doubt myself. What makes worse is I am the one always appears to be optimistic and cheerful. I am going to take moment to explain, not that I don’t worry or get nervous, only just my awareness takes charge fairly quickly. Oh my, I can’t even remember the humor I come up to easy my mind that I thought was great to share.

Now I remember.

As I was taking a shower (for some reason I picked soap of determination this morning), covered with bubbles and drown with concerns, I thought about paintings. Nothing specific, but paintings of females that once caught my eyes when I leisurely walking through the museums in the past, somehow, they all came back this morning. There, I was drawn deeply to artists’ profound abilities of communicating the emotions of the models through their painting tools, not realizing some of the models were probably 100 lbs +/- over weight comparing to today’s standard.

Hope you are laughing now, but seriously, then, I did not complain about how the models looked in the paintings.  What I saw was the allure and the grace that continue to emitting from the paintings throughout the exhibition quarters hundreds years later.

I came back to serenity. Regardless how perfect I want to ensure my work is faultless, the fact is, it is already perfect. At the moment I have determination to put my heart into it, it is a piece of master me.

To all people who concern about their body and their external beauty, your determination of who you are is already within.

With love,

Monday, February 28, 2011

20110228 - Philosophy from A Tortoise

I have been asking why did I decide to take yoga teacher training. In fact I have already been teaching kids yoga even before the training. I love kids and I care, thus I am very careful with my little students. However, when it comes to the grownups, things are not quite the same.  It is fairly easy to still chidlren's phyical excitments, but it is challenge to still one's mind.

Big people as I explain to kids, we start to lose basic instincts, breath as one. The diaphragm breath we knew when we were babies, somehow, we forget; as we grow older, we breathe faster. We cut the prana/chi/air journey in half so we can achieve the speed; like how we achieve social expectations.

As we were babies, we inhale full breath from nostrils to fill up the air in abdominal, thoracic, then clavicular regions and exhale with reverse prana/chi/air journey back to abdominal region to empty out any residual air in the body. The longer breath journey provides stillness, which against social expectations.

I have a sulcata tortoise, named Max. Every time my mother sees “it” (still too young to know the gender), my mother complains about its stillness, because it's boring. But I can ensure you, watching Max quietly walking around the house naturally puts smiles on your face, because its peaceful energy is mightily but steadily and unconsciously spreading around. As a sulcata tortoise, Max has an open home, salad plate is outside the house, everyday it goes toilet in the morning when soaking, takes walk to have its salad twice a day, and strolls around the house then goes back to its home. It completes its tasks given by nature day after day, but not the expectations from my mother or others. As a pet, it doesn’t wiggle its tail, but it breathes lightly and lies quietly with me when I read or resting for a good half hour to an hour even during his napping or playing mood. As a divine soul, it leaves the scene when it learns there is conflicting energy in the air, comes back when all is clear.

May we have learned from Max, to be who we truly are without social expectation, follow the heart; be responsible to the role(s) we are given in this journey, stand still with the truth within; and appreciate the divine soul we already have in us, be kind to ourSelves.

"Learn to remain undisturbed in the tumult of people and events. Remain at peace within even when busy and occupied." - Jing Si Aphorism


P.S. A fun fact to share, tortoise has been one of four respected spiritual animals in traditional Chinese folklores and the only one that exists in real life.

20110227 - King's Speech

The theme for the fourth practice teach was assigned about three weeks ago. We were suppose to come up a theme from the movie "King's Speech".

Before the coronation, Duke of York found out Lionel is not certified therapist and was very angry and disappointed at him. Then Lionel explains he began his profession by treating shell-shocked soldiers in WWI and found that in order to cure them completely, the mechanicals of the treatment was not enough, he must go DEEPER.

This is where I found my connection as yoga teacher as well as a student.

I told my students that day, whether there is already a Lionel in them or at that moment I am Lionel, the gate in the hearts must be opened before searching of the King can begin, and all the conflicts ahead of us are here to enable us to stay equilibrated. We must face the conflicts. When we do, the conflicts transform to positive opposing energy that would create lightness and joy through our journey of seeking the King.

King is the metaphor for our inner Self, the truth, the divine soul. It has been buried by many small selves that represent obstacles in life. The illusions of CAN’Ts, WHAT IFs, etc are the obstacles that blocking the truth within us.

     Duke of York: Because I have right to be heard. I have voice!
     Lionel Logue: [pauses] Yes, you do.

Yes, you do. We all do. We are already the King.

Many seek illumination (the King) by lighting up a lamp, not knowing the true light is already within.

May we all turn on the light within in this journey we share. 


20110218 - Roads

In this journey we have been on several paths by choice or not, some smooth and some rough. Whether the roads are smooth or rough, always be grateful to the people who pave the way before us. Even on the rough roads, with perseverance and courage they can be leveled off. I like to hike on more challenge trails, even though I might have to be extra cautious because the unknown obstacles ahead, but I often find the views are much more breath taking and easier to notice the subtle beauty along the walkway. I would stop looking at a unique shape of rock that blocks my way with leaves rising from the crack, or I see a tree frog in the middle of the road watching me as if we are in competition of persistence who would make the first move.

Without hardship in life, we cannot fully understand the truth nor develop our full potential; with awareness, you will see hidden treasures within each challenge.

Enjoy your roads with whistles ~ W.H.Y


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