Sunday, March 27, 2011

20110327 - The Gecko Story

I read a story last week that stayed in my mind for days. I used this story today to tight in with my theme this afternoon and now I am writing it down to share with you now.
A Japanese construction worker opened a wall during house renovation, he found a gecko was nailed in the walls, between the wood-boards. He discovered the nail had to be at least 10 years old. Now he had begun to wonder not understanding how this gecko could have survived without source of food. He waited. Time passed by, another gecko came by with food in its mouth feeding the gecko that’s nailed to the wall.

I like to think, we are all here together to take the test that we failed from our past life, therefore, life is always deemed to be difficult. Even a tiny puny gecko cherished its live. Why don’t we? We should only be so happy that we are still alive and have the chance to turn the difficulties to blissful learning experience. If not, universe will never noticed our existence. The gecko called out, so universe answered him by sending second gecko to feed him.

10 years! Don't overlook the compassion from the other gecko, it is just as powerful. Can you do that for someone you love? Even to someone you love is hard, not to mention it may have been a stranger. That alone is vigorous. Two great energies joined for 10 years, universe had decided the test has now done its purpose, therefore the construction worker was sent to set both of them free...

Everyone was curious from my class what happened to the gecko that was nailed to the wall. I am pleased to concluded the story as follow:

Two geckos ran to green carpet in the garden. It was bright and the nailed gecko could not open his eyes. Instead, he started feeling the breeze waving through the grass then his skin; smelling the fresh scents from the new blooms; hearing the birds chirping; tasting morning dews on the grass that had been dripping down from leaves above; finally he was able to open his eyes. With all his senses became awake, he too became enlightened. The nailed gecko realized that he had been surrounded by the divine all along, not far, just a “board” away.

We are too not far away from the divine, all the illusions are blocking our senses to be awaken. Celebrate our existence in this world, allowing the senses to open by feeling your body from your heart, not from your mind that sends the commend of how to feel.

“Clarity” that is for today.


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