Thursday, March 24, 2011

20110324 - Moving On

WU Imperial Collection


WU 7elementTM Collection
It's been a week of discussion on fearless during the classes.  No fear, just move on.  Do what make you shine and happy, that's what this world needs - more people to be alive.

I am really happy that WU Handcrafted Soaps Collections are now selling at hOMeYogaExperience. I have been working on branding for months including planning, marketing and all. I have done more photo shoot this afternoon. I haven’t have time to edit them yet, but here are some of the new photos. I am gather more new materials to renovate my current website.  No excuse, but this is my training weekend; plus I still have to return my students' homework from last week even though I will be absent this Sunday due to the training.

Happiness, indeed, that’s what I am having (and need) today!

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