Tuesday, March 22, 2011

20110322 - Spring Diet

First day of Spring, snowed.
Second day of Spring, cloudy in the morning and sun shines in the afternoon.
Third day of Spring, is forecasted to have 4-8 inches of snow.

Spring is being described as step-mother in Taiwanese folks poem for four seasons. Traditionally, the step mothers have been giving a bad impression, who is moody and can be crude. Even in western fairy tales, Snow-white, Cinderella etc, you can name few more are deemed with the same characteristic.

The message from the poem is to remind the unpredictable temperature changes in Spring. Chinese are well known to health care through diet, including herbs, vegetables, fruits, and many other variety of natural food ingredients. Part of the diet includes what type of food to eat in each season, some even narrowed down to the time of day to intake with specific food. This is not a short subject to discuss, luckily, here is the short and simple version to share.
Weeping Cherry/櫻花

Liver signals trouble through stroke, high blood pressure, vertigo etc, which often happens in Spring. Now is the time to take care liver. Food for care, Food with natural GREEN color, any green vegetables including green beans are all good. This doesn’t mean to avoid other natural color food, it only means to ensure each meal includes GREEN.
Candy Rose/糖果玫瑰
One last thing to remind you all, regardless how warm during the day, always, bring one light jacket or shawl with you or in the car. Few places of the body must be kept warm, feet (hands will be warm when feet are), head (dry the hair before leaving the house), clavicle and scapular regions.

As green is the theme today, I have chosen compassion from 7element and Ai from Imperial Collection.

Happy Spring!

Ai from WU Imperial Collection

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