Wednesday, March 23, 2011

20110323 - Be the Farmer

Mineral Hot Spring from Imperial Collection

Third day into Spring and it's snowing out there.

I took the pictures of flower buds from forsythia and cherry tree yesterday and posted in blog to share. If not because of them, the snow might have tricked the season to be winter.

Where I am is filled with classical jazz melody, mild and calming. Turning to the left, I can see through the window flakes of snow gently coming down to nurse Viburnum sprouts. Spring is filled with great energy from new births and rebirths. It is magical season to be fully stimulated and filled with power of lives.

With the power of the universe energy received in Spring, may we all “Be a spiritual farmer who cultivates fields of blessings for oneself and others.” - Jing Si Aphorisms

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