Friday, March 11, 2011

20110311 - Ask the Right Question

I felt pretty blue this morning... didn't know why, just did. Then I heard the news in regard to the 8.9 earthquake and the tsunami in Japan. Few hours later, New Jersey was covered with sun shine.
Day went on as it normally does, like nothing happened.

What does really matter in our life? What really matters, is the present, the moment, the second, NOW. Presuming if we was one of the victims in Japan, what would we be thinking about at that moment? Then, may be that is what we need to do now. A phone call to someone you haven’t talk in a long time, like, parents? A sorry to someone you have always thought you should, like, your kids? A thank to someone you have meant to say but too proud to express, like, your spouse?

I have been telling myself whenever I am about to lose my poise with someone, think either I or the other person would forever vanished from this world tomorrow, would I still be livid towards the person? If yes, please stay away from that person, for our own insanity. If not, please don’t waste the energy to be aggravated with other people’s ignorance; the energy can be spend on other healthier interest, like the shower and yoga.  :)

Smile and enjoy Friday night in or out ~


Thursday, March 10, 2011

20110310 - Be the Water

First night Max became part of the family...

This evening after dined "around the table" with us, Max is 100% vegi...

First month with us; Max slept at 8pm everynight and woke up 8am in the morning for about 6 months...
 I don't know why I like Sulcata tortoise so much! My first contact with this species was about three years ago in an exotic pet shop. They had one about 18 months years old and one that was over 20 years about two feet long(not for sale). I fell in love with these two and went back to see them N times, but never made a decision to bring the little one home. I did not know enough of the Sulcata tortoise, so I was being very careful in making decision to have one. I studied articles, searched web sites, talked about it all the time. Eventually I got one. My baby Max is soon to be two in May. Arrived as my birthday gift a year and 8 months ago. As time goes by, I love Max more and more, day after day. Max has magic power that makes me to smile any day, any time including my really bad days.  The gaze, I thought, was the biggest reason I fell in love with Max’s distant family at first place. Their gaze were very soft and gentle, almost compassionate. I could never forget the look, still up to day, touches me through Max. Everyday Max is present with me in my heart, quietly reminding me to be light and peaceful, to let go the armors that I would deem protecting me.

Chinese believe softness is the ultimate strength. Water can cut through swords, but swords can’t slice water. We have to be like water when we deal with obstacles and people in life. Don’t be mistaken water’s yielding nature as weakness, water always unite back and form greater force. Water can carry the boats, at the same time, it can submerge the entire city.


20110309 - Slow or Stand still?

Nothing is easy...

We were shooting a scene with three lines, NG may be 20 times, that’s about how many times I walked up and down 6 stair cases, before we finally get it right. I thought my calves were hurting from yoga, as I am writing down this event I soon realize, it wasn’t the yoga, it was the walking up and down the stairs.

The point is I finally started the project I have longed to do it for quite sometime. Don’t know when it’s going to be done, so I am going to stop right here and not telling what am I working on. Follow me to find out about the project. I will update as project progresses.

Life journey can move on with slow pace, eventually will reach the destination; however, standing still will not. Believe in yourself and follow your heart. How bad can it be? Start all over again? We should be only so grateful to receive another chance all over again!

I picked Yurong from Imperial collection which has characteristic of Clarity, this is formula adopted from China’s last empress, Empress Dowager Cixi. Today, I feel like to be pampered like a loyalty.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

20110308 - Imperfection

My daughter has grown into a bright and delightful young lady. Self acceptance (which include self-respect and self-worthiness), is the foremost important lesson I taught Amber. I wish she does not take the same years I took to learn self acceptance, which was 32 years. It is funny how kids realize the physical differences among themselves from such young age. I remember Amber came back from kindergarten one day and said, “My classmates do not like me, because I am Chinese.” You should have seem her face when she told me, and the face of the teacher when I told her. How many times, the teacher had to explain to me there was absolutely no discrimination in the class and how Amber was well loved by her little friends. Of course I knew there was no discrimination. Amber is one of those children that people fall in love at first sight. However, I had to go through the “proper” procedure to deal with the “issue”, so Amber could understand it is a very serious matter and can NOT be used for selfish reason. As I alleged and later confirmed by Amber, for some reason that particular day, Amber felt her little friends ignored her intentionally, therefore, she came up the idea of discrimination. Human nature, never question perhaps there is something self did wrong or accepting people to be people, but rather make claim on illusions to either make ourselves a hero or a victim.

Last Friday I went to Amber’s Class to read “The Secret Life of Princesses”, a great book to remind children (boys and girls) about self acceptance and respect other’s individuality. No matter where, how, what we come from, poor or rich, small or big, healthy or ill, we are already a prince or princess within. Yet, at the same time, take notice of other princes and princesses that are around us, they too need acceptance to their-Self. On the other note, the reading was successful, it grabbed all hearts in the room including the teachers.

Imperfections are distinctions among each individuality; it is also indeed a qualification to be classified as human.  :)


20110307 - WU[woo、]=悟=awakening/enlightenment

I can’t help not to mention my soap special for the day. My friends call me “the soap lady”, and I am known the same by many other acquaintances. It is part of my life and it is extension of what I believe; I have infused my life philosophy in my band “WU”.

I had chosen a very difficult transformation to my life three plus years ago. I knew the only way to be true to myself is to continue the journey on this new path of my choice without retreat. The new trail has been very bumpy and steep. I don’t know when I can see the field of sun flowers or ever will I, but I have not forgotten to enjoy the wild flowers along the way. I also remind myself to learn from each obstacles that are in the way. Some of which, have helped me to gain more strength, some have reinforced my determination, some have widen my vision to look into truth, and many more. I have become compassionate to the obstructions. Why wouldn’t I? I am the one benefited from every impediment events. Each occurrence helps me to reach closer to WU. Awakening or enlightenment is the definition of 悟(WU) in Chinese.

As I was getting ready for the arbitration this morning, I’ve also picked the compassion as soap for the day. I was swarming with compassion inside and out. I’ve never forgotten to thank the person who debilitated me, which brought out bravery in me to seek deeper for my-Self to gain strength to be true.

Compassion is one of the elements to enlightenment. May we all be compassion to our-Self, and be compassion to those have brought sorrow in our life.


20110306 - Giving is Receiving

Energy, that was the soap I picked for the morning.

Every Sunday I need extra energy to get through the day. I teach four hours (three hours in Chinese and one hour kids’ yoga) and offer extra hour(s) for parents and students who need additional help. I normally have to spend average 10 hours a week to prepare for these two classes. People ask why don’t I teach elsewhere where pays for the hours instead of volunteering my time and energy. The unconditional love is what drawing me into the teaching. We often time look into only how much we give, not knowing giving allows us to have more freedom to receive.

I taught my daughter when she was three, when she has two hands full of candies, she can’t possibly hold a cone of ice-scream. So, what should she do? Share the candies with others, then she can have a cone of ice-scream.

Giving is receiving.

May we all gain strength to be vigorous in giving and learn to be grateful in receiving.



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