Friday, March 11, 2011

20110311 - Ask the Right Question

I felt pretty blue this morning... didn't know why, just did. Then I heard the news in regard to the 8.9 earthquake and the tsunami in Japan. Few hours later, New Jersey was covered with sun shine.
Day went on as it normally does, like nothing happened.

What does really matter in our life? What really matters, is the present, the moment, the second, NOW. Presuming if we was one of the victims in Japan, what would we be thinking about at that moment? Then, may be that is what we need to do now. A phone call to someone you haven’t talk in a long time, like, parents? A sorry to someone you have always thought you should, like, your kids? A thank to someone you have meant to say but too proud to express, like, your spouse?

I have been telling myself whenever I am about to lose my poise with someone, think either I or the other person would forever vanished from this world tomorrow, would I still be livid towards the person? If yes, please stay away from that person, for our own insanity. If not, please don’t waste the energy to be aggravated with other people’s ignorance; the energy can be spend on other healthier interest, like the shower and yoga.  :)

Smile and enjoy Friday night in or out ~


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