Tuesday, March 8, 2011

20110308 - Imperfection

My daughter has grown into a bright and delightful young lady. Self acceptance (which include self-respect and self-worthiness), is the foremost important lesson I taught Amber. I wish she does not take the same years I took to learn self acceptance, which was 32 years. It is funny how kids realize the physical differences among themselves from such young age. I remember Amber came back from kindergarten one day and said, “My classmates do not like me, because I am Chinese.” You should have seem her face when she told me, and the face of the teacher when I told her. How many times, the teacher had to explain to me there was absolutely no discrimination in the class and how Amber was well loved by her little friends. Of course I knew there was no discrimination. Amber is one of those children that people fall in love at first sight. However, I had to go through the “proper” procedure to deal with the “issue”, so Amber could understand it is a very serious matter and can NOT be used for selfish reason. As I alleged and later confirmed by Amber, for some reason that particular day, Amber felt her little friends ignored her intentionally, therefore, she came up the idea of discrimination. Human nature, never question perhaps there is something self did wrong or accepting people to be people, but rather make claim on illusions to either make ourselves a hero or a victim.

Last Friday I went to Amber’s Class to read “The Secret Life of Princesses”, a great book to remind children (boys and girls) about self acceptance and respect other’s individuality. No matter where, how, what we come from, poor or rich, small or big, healthy or ill, we are already a prince or princess within. Yet, at the same time, take notice of other princes and princesses that are around us, they too need acceptance to their-Self. On the other note, the reading was successful, it grabbed all hearts in the room including the teachers.

Imperfections are distinctions among each individuality; it is also indeed a qualification to be classified as human.  :)


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