Tuesday, March 8, 2011

20110306 - Giving is Receiving

Energy, that was the soap I picked for the morning.

Every Sunday I need extra energy to get through the day. I teach four hours (three hours in Chinese and one hour kids’ yoga) and offer extra hour(s) for parents and students who need additional help. I normally have to spend average 10 hours a week to prepare for these two classes. People ask why don’t I teach elsewhere where pays for the hours instead of volunteering my time and energy. The unconditional love is what drawing me into the teaching. We often time look into only how much we give, not knowing giving allows us to have more freedom to receive.

I taught my daughter when she was three, when she has two hands full of candies, she can’t possibly hold a cone of ice-scream. So, what should she do? Share the candies with others, then she can have a cone of ice-scream.

Giving is receiving.

May we all gain strength to be vigorous in giving and learn to be grateful in receiving.


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