Saturday, March 5, 2011

20110305 - Successful Women (or men)

I sank into the couch last night and couldn’t get up until this morning. I remember lots of good-nights and kisses. I remember, Amber placed a second blanket on me when she learned there is no way mommy is getting up from that sofa. I also remember last night for the first time, Amber massaged my back and arms until I told her to stop without asking for a massage in return.
This morning, I was thinking, this is what a successful woman’s life should be. I picked soap of equilibrium.

Society has a very different description for “successful women”. I was considered as one of them many years ago. I had a life every girl would dream and die for, thus it was deemed to be perfect.

Not I.

I wasn’t with Amber when she first shout out “mommy”; I wasn’t there when Amber stepped forward for the very first time. These moments will never come back, even if I were able experiencing with other children, it will never be the same. These absents are the voids in my life and come back to wound my heart ever so often. Very strangely, indeed, the pain from such emptiness is more severe than the labor itself.  The hollowness can never be filled with wealth of possession in articles.

I believe a true value of life isn’t assessed by computable earnings because it is priceless. One can work for wealth, but wealth can't buy true value of life. I am not wealthy in general society’s term, but I am absolutely wealthier in love, compassion and wisdom. These wealth encourage a balanced livelihood to live for work not work for living.


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