Monday, February 28, 2011

20110218 - Roads

In this journey we have been on several paths by choice or not, some smooth and some rough. Whether the roads are smooth or rough, always be grateful to the people who pave the way before us. Even on the rough roads, with perseverance and courage they can be leveled off. I like to hike on more challenge trails, even though I might have to be extra cautious because the unknown obstacles ahead, but I often find the views are much more breath taking and easier to notice the subtle beauty along the walkway. I would stop looking at a unique shape of rock that blocks my way with leaves rising from the crack, or I see a tree frog in the middle of the road watching me as if we are in competition of persistence who would make the first move.

Without hardship in life, we cannot fully understand the truth nor develop our full potential; with awareness, you will see hidden treasures within each challenge.

Enjoy your roads with whistles ~ W.H.Y

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