Thursday, March 3, 2011

20110303 - Just Am...

Today is a happy day and I picked soap of harmony this morning.

Don't know why, but I feel harmony within my body, mind and soul, very peaceful, and nothing mattered.

May be the night yoga I did. May be I finally saw the friend I missed very much today. May be Amber’s kisses and hugs are contagious. May be my mother is in great spirit. May be my students' acceptance of encouragement from yesterday. May be… I don’t have specific reason.

I have been sleeping in cold for three nights; the heater did not work properly. But I am still happy, cold but happy. Don’t know why, just do. I don’t have to have reason to be happy, but I am sure there is something trigger the sensation. The point is not to question why, but feel it with gratitude and awareness. It’s meditation in motion. If not, why do I feel such harmony?

The heater is fixed. I am not happier; I just am content with sense of harmony.

“A heart of joy is a virtue that brings happiness to others like a spring breeze.” – Jing Si Aphorism


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  1. I had more thoughts after published this post. But one thought I think it's important to acknowledge as a support through our journey.

    When we finally start finding the divine state of mind, be prepared of loosing people who are intimidated by such enlightenment. If that happens, only because we are on the right path. It’s a good thing and continue seeking deeper to find the ultimate bliss on this journey.




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