Thursday, March 24, 2011

20110324 - Moving On

WU Imperial Collection


WU 7elementTM Collection
It's been a week of discussion on fearless during the classes.  No fear, just move on.  Do what make you shine and happy, that's what this world needs - more people to be alive.

I am really happy that WU Handcrafted Soaps Collections are now selling at hOMeYogaExperience. I have been working on branding for months including planning, marketing and all. I have done more photo shoot this afternoon. I haven’t have time to edit them yet, but here are some of the new photos. I am gather more new materials to renovate my current website.  No excuse, but this is my training weekend; plus I still have to return my students' homework from last week even though I will be absent this Sunday due to the training.

Happiness, indeed, that’s what I am having (and need) today!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

20110323 - Be the Farmer

Mineral Hot Spring from Imperial Collection

Third day into Spring and it's snowing out there.

I took the pictures of flower buds from forsythia and cherry tree yesterday and posted in blog to share. If not because of them, the snow might have tricked the season to be winter.

Where I am is filled with classical jazz melody, mild and calming. Turning to the left, I can see through the window flakes of snow gently coming down to nurse Viburnum sprouts. Spring is filled with great energy from new births and rebirths. It is magical season to be fully stimulated and filled with power of lives.

With the power of the universe energy received in Spring, may we all “Be a spiritual farmer who cultivates fields of blessings for oneself and others.” - Jing Si Aphorisms

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

20110322 - Spring Diet

First day of Spring, snowed.
Second day of Spring, cloudy in the morning and sun shines in the afternoon.
Third day of Spring, is forecasted to have 4-8 inches of snow.

Spring is being described as step-mother in Taiwanese folks poem for four seasons. Traditionally, the step mothers have been giving a bad impression, who is moody and can be crude. Even in western fairy tales, Snow-white, Cinderella etc, you can name few more are deemed with the same characteristic.

The message from the poem is to remind the unpredictable temperature changes in Spring. Chinese are well known to health care through diet, including herbs, vegetables, fruits, and many other variety of natural food ingredients. Part of the diet includes what type of food to eat in each season, some even narrowed down to the time of day to intake with specific food. This is not a short subject to discuss, luckily, here is the short and simple version to share.
Weeping Cherry/櫻花

Liver signals trouble through stroke, high blood pressure, vertigo etc, which often happens in Spring. Now is the time to take care liver. Food for care, Food with natural GREEN color, any green vegetables including green beans are all good. This doesn’t mean to avoid other natural color food, it only means to ensure each meal includes GREEN.
Candy Rose/糖果玫瑰
One last thing to remind you all, regardless how warm during the day, always, bring one light jacket or shawl with you or in the car. Few places of the body must be kept warm, feet (hands will be warm when feet are), head (dry the hair before leaving the house), clavicle and scapular regions.

As green is the theme today, I have chosen compassion from 7element and Ai from Imperial Collection.

Happy Spring!

Ai from WU Imperial Collection

Monday, March 21, 2011

20110321 - First Day of Spring with Spring Snow

I missed my blog.

I have meant to write for the past few but long days. Amber has been having fever since Friday and finally gotten better this afternoon. She was such good girl, finished her homework. I mean everything.

What do I like to talk about? I like to talk about my dumplings that I make from scratch for last Saturday’s yoga party. Veggie and original, both from WU’s exclusive recipes. Actually, there is not one consistent recipe I use, I go by what’s available at that moment or season and how I feel that day. You can follow my face book to enjoy the dumpling… photos. :)

That is not what I really want to talk about, it’s just to show off my other role in this life, a cook.

What I really want to talk about is today - first day of spring. Gratefully, we receive the best gift from mother nature, spring snow. In our tradition, having snow in spring will bring wealth for the entire year. As you might have known me by now, the wealth is not about the $$$. It is about, clarity, compassion, determination, energy, equilibrium, happiness, and harmony. Because these are the priceless true wealth that we can share and feel richer!

Life is wonderful indeed. The bufflehead duck couples came back after snow stopped. They still don’t talk to each other, but they stick together here and there. Life is wonderful, because there are messages everywhere for us to notice, like a mirror that reflects what we need to see.

We don't like each other, but we can't live without one another.

So enjoy the reflection with humor and smile.

Today, I have chosen soap of determination.  Determination to attain enlightenment.



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