Monday, February 28, 2011

20110227 - King's Speech

The theme for the fourth practice teach was assigned about three weeks ago. We were suppose to come up a theme from the movie "King's Speech".

Before the coronation, Duke of York found out Lionel is not certified therapist and was very angry and disappointed at him. Then Lionel explains he began his profession by treating shell-shocked soldiers in WWI and found that in order to cure them completely, the mechanicals of the treatment was not enough, he must go DEEPER.

This is where I found my connection as yoga teacher as well as a student.

I told my students that day, whether there is already a Lionel in them or at that moment I am Lionel, the gate in the hearts must be opened before searching of the King can begin, and all the conflicts ahead of us are here to enable us to stay equilibrated. We must face the conflicts. When we do, the conflicts transform to positive opposing energy that would create lightness and joy through our journey of seeking the King.

King is the metaphor for our inner Self, the truth, the divine soul. It has been buried by many small selves that represent obstacles in life. The illusions of CAN’Ts, WHAT IFs, etc are the obstacles that blocking the truth within us.

     Duke of York: Because I have right to be heard. I have voice!
     Lionel Logue: [pauses] Yes, you do.

Yes, you do. We all do. We are already the King.

Many seek illumination (the King) by lighting up a lamp, not knowing the true light is already within.

May we all turn on the light within in this journey we share. 


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