Wednesday, March 2, 2011

20110303 - Night Yoga

It is easy to reflect on major mistakes, and hard to eliminate small bad habits.  Before falling into sleep, take the advantage of the power of mind to reexamine the day.  After this is done, with one deep exhalation, let everything go, and reset a positive intention for the new day soon to come.

I never would have thought to do my sadhana before sleep.  My!  It was delicious!!!  I can't wait to share.  I love the sequence I planned.  My muscles are awaken, but not engaged or fully charged up, they are awaken enough to receive complete relaxation.  A great spiritual cleansing, and of course combine with external cleansing with WU compassion to end the day with what I started in the morning.  Oh, I almost forgot, the massage oil from my collections I used in the sequence – yes, I made that too.  :)

Good night! xo


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