Thursday, March 10, 2011

20110310 - Be the Water

First night Max became part of the family...

This evening after dined "around the table" with us, Max is 100% vegi...

First month with us; Max slept at 8pm everynight and woke up 8am in the morning for about 6 months...
 I don't know why I like Sulcata tortoise so much! My first contact with this species was about three years ago in an exotic pet shop. They had one about 18 months years old and one that was over 20 years about two feet long(not for sale). I fell in love with these two and went back to see them N times, but never made a decision to bring the little one home. I did not know enough of the Sulcata tortoise, so I was being very careful in making decision to have one. I studied articles, searched web sites, talked about it all the time. Eventually I got one. My baby Max is soon to be two in May. Arrived as my birthday gift a year and 8 months ago. As time goes by, I love Max more and more, day after day. Max has magic power that makes me to smile any day, any time including my really bad days.  The gaze, I thought, was the biggest reason I fell in love with Max’s distant family at first place. Their gaze were very soft and gentle, almost compassionate. I could never forget the look, still up to day, touches me through Max. Everyday Max is present with me in my heart, quietly reminding me to be light and peaceful, to let go the armors that I would deem protecting me.

Chinese believe softness is the ultimate strength. Water can cut through swords, but swords can’t slice water. We have to be like water when we deal with obstacles and people in life. Don’t be mistaken water’s yielding nature as weakness, water always unite back and form greater force. Water can carry the boats, at the same time, it can submerge the entire city.


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