Tuesday, March 8, 2011

20110307 - WU[woo、]=悟=awakening/enlightenment

I can’t help not to mention my soap special for the day. My friends call me “the soap lady”, and I am known the same by many other acquaintances. It is part of my life and it is extension of what I believe; I have infused my life philosophy in my band “WU”.

I had chosen a very difficult transformation to my life three plus years ago. I knew the only way to be true to myself is to continue the journey on this new path of my choice without retreat. The new trail has been very bumpy and steep. I don’t know when I can see the field of sun flowers or ever will I, but I have not forgotten to enjoy the wild flowers along the way. I also remind myself to learn from each obstacles that are in the way. Some of which, have helped me to gain more strength, some have reinforced my determination, some have widen my vision to look into truth, and many more. I have become compassionate to the obstructions. Why wouldn’t I? I am the one benefited from every impediment events. Each occurrence helps me to reach closer to WU. Awakening or enlightenment is the definition of 悟(WU) in Chinese.

As I was getting ready for the arbitration this morning, I’ve also picked the compassion as soap for the day. I was swarming with compassion inside and out. I’ve never forgotten to thank the person who debilitated me, which brought out bravery in me to seek deeper for my-Self to gain strength to be true.

Compassion is one of the elements to enlightenment. May we all be compassion to our-Self, and be compassion to those have brought sorrow in our life.


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