Tuesday, March 15, 2011

20110315 - Spring Notes...

He tried to impress her... and of course... she is sleeping...
(They were here as early as 6:30am and did not leave close to evening. They were like this for at least 3 hours)
I know what you are thinking, "NO" it's not one of the YOGA poses!

He thought to himself, "it's already been 7 years!"
Winter has started to fade out, and Spring is fading in. Snow and ice are finally melted away as of last week. Our pond is now open for all creatures taking their first drink after winter thirst. I’d chosen soap of “Happiness”, simple reason, because to be awaken and enjoy the rebirth or new birth are more than delightful.

This morning, we have group of wild turkeys came to greet, literally peaking our French doors(I still can’t figure out which tree they fly up onto nest); one pair of Bufflehead returned as they always did, one year, they laid eggs in the shade garden next to the pond; squirrels are the regulars here; chipmunks has home next to the water fall under a huge rock; groundhog and her baby lives under the lawn but still close enough to the pond; birds are nesting everywhere around the house on the trees, by the roof, and some even on top of the chimney; Max came out to take sun bath for a while, not enough heat went back to sleep after half hour; we did not see the hare family, perhaps they are still waiting for Easter! Very busy morning in deed, and it is like this EVERYDAY. Our pond fish had made through the winter, but our Koi, not so fortunate. Not because the brutal winter or depth of the pond (it’s 5 feet, plenty for koi to hibernate), it’s because the Great Blue Heron gobbles them down as soon as the ice melted away. It has become greedier and bigger since first visit. I witnessed the victims of the Great Blue Heron this morning, and I could not do anything. It was too late.

The wild turkeys, in case you never have seen one before...

So many lives, so much energy, the animals did not care if Mr. Sun was peeking in and out, as long as the Lady Spring is here. A very happy morning in this tiny spot of the earth. What happened in Japan still remains in my mind and many others’ whom live around here, but reside in blue isn’t going to help the disaster. Even it were going to be the end of the world today, remember the losses in Japan, we all had at least 4 extra days to enjoy this life journey with our love ones. Smile, the life isn’t that hard as we thought!



  1. Good thought!
    And good thought will bring positive energy to you.

  2. I love it and spring really is coming!!! Also I'm using the soap you suggested:happines (something you would need all your life) :)



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