Friday, March 18, 2011

20110318 - Be Present to Take On the Unexpected

It is a wonderful day!!!

Sunny and warm. Today is the second time in 2011 Max is able to get closer to the nature. Not that Max is far from it, but it is just very nice to see the excitement of just being able to walk around on the patio walkway. Max is still too small to leave outside by itself. As you can see form the video, Max appears to be insignificant on the entrance flight of patio stairway. 

Amber has fever today up to 103; good news is, it’s coming down. She has been sleeping since 9:30pm. It’s funny how I miss Amber even when she is in the house with me. I have to go to school to pick up Amber’s homework, normally the homework on Friday is pretty routine, but of course, why makes it easy for me.  My mom hurt her left elbow and can’t lift up so I am sharing her tasks.  I have to prepare dumplings for tomorrow's party, from scratch. With all that, I am choosing equilibrium today to hold my steadiness in mist of unexpected events.

Be present!



  1. Unexpected both of good news & bad news.

    Good news: Max got free to look around

    Bad news: 103, and left elbow. What is going on?

  2. Amber is getting better. Left elbow is also recovering, mom did not know why either, just happened yesterday. No worries... we are remaining very happy indeed, on this full of suprise Friday and carring it on day after day! :)



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