Sunday, April 3, 2011

20110403 - Aged Relationship should be just like Aged Wine

I am really tired.

I don’t want to go to sleep just yet.

Time hasn’t been generous to me but surely it is fair to all us. I can only grab so much, twenty four hours per day like you and the others.

Today is the day to hold the space for my tears to roll out free. It is such wonderful day though, beautiful and warm.

May be because of the warmth, I feel that it is safe to held such liberty for myself.


I want to ink my thanks to a very special woman who I met during my yoga teacher training. She may not know how powerful her small words in a short e-mail few days ago had enriched my wealth in love and compassion. It got me thinking more in my personal life though. Will I do the same for people I have known all my life, like family members, partners, spouses, old friends etc? Or taking advantage on the length of relationship naturally, as it deemed to be the norm?

When relationship become “aged”, it is time to refer the relationship as wine to increase the value of appreciation. Of course good wine doesn’t happen overnight, the proper care needs to be applied starting from planting the seed of the grapes. It is always easier to say sorry, thank you and how are you to a stranger than to parents, children, and the people we are close with. Never too late to increase the value of appreciation in “aged” relationship, letting it sit will never get better, eventually it will become vinegar.

p.s. It is day for Clarity.

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